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Owner Downshot Offset Bass Hooks

CODE: 05287

Price: $3.99

With it's eye in the "down" position, theOwner Downshot Offset Bass Hooks is ideal for the down shot fishing system, as it's engineered to ride perfectly horizontal when tied into a line that is to be fished straight up and down. Use a palomar knot and pull the tag end of the line up, and over through the hook's eye one additional time before attaching sinker. Rig any kind of soft plastic bait and use as a deadly presentation for suspended game fish. The Owner Downshot Offset Bass Hooks is light wire, forged and includes a 90 degree shoulder bend, Cutting Point and black chrome finish.

  • 5133-071, Size 4, Quantity 7
  • 5133-091, Size 2, Quantity 7
  • 5133-101, Size 1, Quantity 7
  • 5133-111, Size 1/0, Quantity 7
  • 5133-121, Size 2/0, Quantity 6
  • 5133-131, Size 3/0, Quantity 6