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Open Water Tackle Trays

Open Water Tackle Trays

CODE: 54497

Price: $6.59

These Open Water Tackle Trays are the utility boxes that go inside the Open Water tackle bags and box systems. They come in two sizes: 360 and 370. They also come in two different styles: the regular and the CB which has blue latches that have a hinge instead of being attached to the lid of the box and just unlatching. Both Open Water Tackle Trays styles have these features in common:

  • Convenient finger pull and rounded bottom.
  • Installed individual dividers
  • adjustable compartments

Model Size (inches) Compartments
BW-360-18 10.75L X 7.25W X 1.75H 18
BW-370-24 13.75L X 8.75W X 2H 24
OW-H360CB 10.75L X 7.25W X 1.75H 18
OW-H370CB 13.75L X 8.75W X 2H 24