Matt Lures Dead Twitch Swimbaits

Matt Lures Dead Twitch Swimbaits


These Matt Lures Dead Twitch Swimbaits are awesome! When I saw them I had to touch them because they look so good. They are heavy too, weighing in at 14 ounces! The dead twitch bait itself is 13 inches long and have a broken back for a more realistic swimming action. You really have to see these baits to appreciate them. They are squishy just like a real trout would be, I am very impressed with these Matt Lures Dead Twitch Trout Swimbaits and I cant wait to hear how they did for you.

The Mattlures DeadTwitch is the first large trout bait Matt has officially released to the public. The realism of this bait is absolutely ridiculous. This is some of Matt’s finest work and you won’t find a more realistic trout bait anywhere. The Deadtwitch is a floating single jointed, soft bodied bait with a hard interior core. The bait is more than just a deadstick bait. It can be worked to. It will easily do a 180 with a medium twitch. It will slow walk with lighter twitches , and you can even make it tail slap or dive with harder twitches. As A dead stick bait, the top of the baits sits slightly above the water with the top fin sticking out of the water for visibility. Just let it bob in the ripples of the water and the bait comes to life. The fins and tail section all have their own movement witch add to the realism of this bait. It looks like a freshly stocked injured trout. Big bass and Stripers can’t resist this easy big meal.

I have two colors right now;

Light Rainbow

Dark Rainbow

The difference between the two colors in minimal at best. One is just a little bit darker on the top than the other one.

Matt Lures