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Squid Jigs

Squid jigs are necessary for catching squid as they have many barbs and stick to them better. For the Humboldt squid I recommend using a bigger squid jig, one that is weighted and glows. They are irresistible to those giant Humboldt squid.

Izorline Squid Jig

CODE: 33710

These Izorline squid jigs come in many shapes and sizes but they all do a great job catching squid.
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Izorline Squid Gannion

CODE: 33866

Mono squid hook rig 5 hook - 190 cm
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Lead Masters Squid Catcher Rig

CODE: 08040

Just jig it up and down and get those squid.
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Lead Masters Squid Jigs

CODE: 08065

These are weighted and ready to go.
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CODE: 08142

This monster is 21" long and weighs 1.5 pound.
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