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Saltwater Trolling

CODE: 07907

The Yankee Jig is the bane of barricuda and bonito alike.
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CODE: 53483

These Rapala X-rap lures are designed perfectly for aggressive fishing. Its 3-dimensional minnow shape and features capture and flash...
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CODE: 51911

These Rapala X-rap Magnum lures have the same features as the Rapala X-Rap lures, plus a huge deep-diving lip that are ideal for big game...
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CODE: 34988

With the sinking Countdown feature of these Rapala Magnum Countdown lures, you'll be sure to snag your hard hitting saltwater game.
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CODE: 08058

The cedar plug is so simple yet has a realistic movement about it that fish can't help but strike.
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CODE: 51411

The great natural swimming action of a cedar plug but this time with another plug trailing it.
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Yo-Zuri Sashimi Bonita

CODE: 59728

I really like these new marauders that Yo-Zuri came out with. They have a good weight to them and they look like a high tech trolling...
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Yo-Zuri Sashimi 3D Popper

CODE: 58595

Talk about an amazing 3D popper lure that floats, enter the Yo-Zuri Sashimi 3D Popper. Yo-Zuri is really coming out strong with new...
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Yo-Zuri Sashimi Bull

CODE: 58603

The Sashimi Bull™ Metallic has proven it’s worth around the globe in a short time; catching record Tuna from the US to...
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Zukers Trolling Feathers

CODE: 40458

These Zukers trolling feathers have been catching fish on the troll for decades. We can rig these with monofilament, swivel and double...
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CODE: 39109

These Mirrolure, mirrorlure or mirror lure as they are sometimes reffered to can get more than 25 feet deep when trolling. These have...
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P-Line Predator

CODE: 13628

P Line Predator lures look so good when swimming they really get the fish because of their great action.
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Lead Masters Bonita Flies

CODE: 07723

These bonito flies are deadly on bonito and mackeral.
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CODE: 08111

An excellent trolling daisy chain.
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CODE: 08187

These are great for wahoo and shark alike.
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Lead Masters Wahoo Bombs

CODE: 08066

Great for trolling or jigging.
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