Freshwater Soft Baits

Berkley 3" Power Trout Worms give a great presentation because they look very much alive.


Ditch the minnow bucket! This phenomenal minnow can outfish the real thing and is durable and long-lasting to save you money.


NEW Berkley PowerBait 1/32 oz. Pre-Rigged Atomic Teasers have an elongated tail protruding from the tube to drive fish wild.


The Berkley 3" Power Chunky Trailer is the ideal trailer for your favorite jig.


The Berkley Gulp Corn is great for trout and panfish. Gulp Corn has outfished real corn in field tests, and is 100 percent biodegradable.


The Berkley Gulp Earthworm is great for many fish species. Same great scent dispersion in a shape that fish find irresistible.


The Berkley Gulp Extruded Nightcrawler is lifelike in taste and texture. More durable and convenient than livebait, with Gulp extreme scent dispersion.


The Berkley Gulp 6" Float Worm is designed to target fish suspending or holding in vertical cover. Features Gulp extreme scent dispersion of fish attractant. Rig weightless, Carolina, or Texas style.


These Berkley Gulp Floating Salmon Eggs do a great job of fooling fish into biting.


The Berkley 1" Micro Power Nymph is perfectly sized for smaller hooks and lures, these baits are an excellent choice for light tackle rigging or finesse presentations, and carry power with Berkley PowerBait scent and flavor formulas.


The Storm WildEye Live Brook Trout lures feature Secure I-Bolt system holographic WildEyes, are rigged with a superior VMC needle point hook & treble belly hook. Also have life-like swimming action and holographic swimmin' flash foil.


The Storm WildEye Live Crappie lures feature natural color patterns and a Secure-Bolt system holographic WildEye. Life-like swimming action and holographic swimmin' flash foil. Strong soft body with internal lead head.