Rapala Lures

We all know how amazing Rapala lures are. They are known world wide for their effectiveness in targeting and catching fish! We are proud to carry Rapala lures and we know they will work for you.

These lures descend one foot per second and suspend upon retrieval.

These Rapala Shad Rap lures are equally effective whether cast or trolled and are designed to be fished at ultra slow to super fast speeds.

The Rapala Dives-to series of lures dives fast and remains in the strike zone for a long time.

These Rapala Glass Shad Rap lures feature a 3D "glass" body that reflects light; also has a rattling feature.

These Rapala Dives-to Sure Set Series lures have improved hook systems and color selections.

These Rapala Jointed Shad Rap lures' rhythmic rattle and exaggerated wounded-minnow action will attract the attention of even the most finicky fish.

These Rapala Husky Jerk lures transmit sound waves that capture the fish's attention, and has superb suspending action that fish can't resist.

These Rapala Skitter Pop lures have a unique loud-popping noise, cupped plastic lip and balsa wood body, and are perfect for taking fish while they're surface feeding.

These Rapala X-rap lures are designed perfectly for aggressive fishing. Its 3-dimensional minnow shape and features capture and flash light, sure to attract your fish.

These Rapala Skitter Walk lures combine a "walk the dog" action with a rattle that will drive fish crazy.

These X-rap Deep lures have all the X-Rap characteristics but feature a new lip design that propels it towards the bottom.


These Rapala Tail Dancer lures' banana-style balsa wood body that wobbles and internal rattle will be the ultimate tempation for your freshwater game.