Freshwater Hard Baits

There are many freshwater lures to choose from. Some catch tons of fish and some...well don't. We try to stock the lures that will catch the most fish for you and us, we fish too you know! These are our current selection of freshwater hard baits that we carry. If there is a freshwater hard bait that you would like to see us carry, please don't hesitate to email me. Thank you!


Magnum trap lures - 3/4 oz.


These lures descend one foot per second and suspend upon retrieval.

Worden's original rooster tail.

These Rapala Shad Rap lures are equally effective whether cast or trolled and are designed to be fished at ultra slow to super fast speeds.

Acme Kastmaster's famous fish catching action combined with the attraction of a surgical tubing lure is irresistible to a variety of gamefish.


Mini trap lures - 1/4 oz.


The Rapala Dives-to series of lures dives fast and remains in the strike zone for a long time.

Worden's original rooster tail.

These Rapala Glass Shad Rap lures feature a 3D "glass" body that reflects light; also has a rattling feature.

Tiny trap lures - 1/8 oz.

These Rapala Dives-to Sure Set Series lures have improved hook systems and color selections.


Catching fish for over 30 years!