Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust




This Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust is so popular because it crushes the trout! Its basically the crushed up food that you would feed hatchery trout, farm raised trout. They are made from hatchery pellets and if you have ever been to a trout farm you know what I mean.

Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust is best used with your main bait being rolled into the hatchery dust. For instance you take your powerbait ball and roll in around in the Trout Hatchery Dust and it sticks to it and coats it. Fantastic stuff really, I am getting a lot of calls for this hatchery dust and I am proud to make it available to you!

Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust comes in two sizes

  • 1oz.
  • 3oz

And in five flavors

  • Garlic Crawler
  • Garlic Mealworm
  • Natural
  • Super Cheese
  • Super Garlic
Lip Ripperz