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Lead Masters Tube Head Cadmium Hook

Lead Masters Tube Head Cadmium Hook

CODE: 07578

Price: $1.79

Lead Masters tube head. These are center balanced and come with a cadmium hook. These are well made Lead Masters Tube Heads that will serve you well and get you catching fish!

  • 3/8oz, #1/0 Cadmium Hook, 5 Per Bag
  • 1/2oz, #2/0 Cadmium Hook, 5 Per Bag
  • 3/4oz, #3/0 Cadmium Hook, 5 Per Bag
  • 1oz, #5/0 Cadmium Hook, 5 Per Bag 
  • 1.5oz, #5/0 Cadmium Hook, 2 Per Bag