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Jax Jigs

Jax Jigs
Jax JigsOrange/ CopperWhite/ Red/ OrangeWhite/ Orange/ YellowWhiteBlack/ PurpleScrambled EggBlackWhite/ Black/ Purple

CODE: 40453

Price: $4.89

Jax Jigs are unlike most other jigs because they are made entirely from lead and not zinc which most other fishing lures are made from! Jax Jigs are heavy and get to the bottom quick. These lures are not meant to be thrown for yellowtail as these jigs don't swim like traditional lures they specialize in sinking.

So fish these Jax Jigs on the drop or yo-yo them off the bottom or cast them out and let them sink. Whats great about these is you can use a smaller jig and get it down past the current where you want to be fishing whereas with traditional jigs you have to use a big one that has more weight to it. Jax Jigs come with a single siwash hook and split ring on the other end.


Jax Jigs Color Chart
Number Color
1 Scrambled Egg
2 Black/ Purple
3 White
4 White/ Red/ Orange
5 White/ Yellow/ Orange
6 and 6A Orange w/ Copper Belly


 8  White/ Black/ Purple