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Izorline Squid Jig

Izorline Squid Jig
Izorline Squid JigRegular Izorline Squid Jigs8" Jumbo Squid Jigs

CODE: 33710

Price: $1.49

  • Regular (3 3/4") 
  • XL (5 1/2") (+$2.00)
  • Jumbo (8") (+$8.40)

Izorline Squid Jigs are the easiest way to fish for squid. To fish squid you need more than just a treble hook, you need multiple hooks or one of these Izorline Squid Jigs as they are made to attach to the many tentacles of squid.

Squid fishing is so much fun to me! Especially those giant Humboldt squid, they are a blast. You bring them over and they protest by squirting jets of water and ink. If you can aim it right, you can douse your buddy at the rail.