Izorline Lighted Squid Jigs

Izorline "Lighted" Squid Jig

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 Izorline "Lighted" Glow Squid Jigs

These soft body Squid Jigs have a chamber inside that holds a small light stick.  No need to charge these under a light source, simply activate the light stick and insert into the small hole in the top of the squid jig.  Can be used inline with other colors or multiple lighted squid jigs.  Available in 3 3/4", 4 1/2" and 5".  Each lure comes with 2 mini light sticks.

Description Size Price Quantity
Izorline Lighted Squid Jig Standard $3.29
Izorline Lighted Squid Jig Large $3.69
Izorline Lighted Squid Jig X-Large $5.49
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