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Izorline First String Mono 2lb Spool

Izorline First String Mono 2lb Spool

CODE: 34395

Price: $56.99

Izorline First String Monofilament Line

Izorline has combined new space age additives, resulting in a monofilament that is "Xtra limp", "Xtra strong", and "Xtra tough", for a soft, easy to tie line that strong and has great abrasion resistance. These are the Izorline bulk spools of line and these will last you for a long time. Izorline is one of the more inexpensive lines that really does perform well.


  • 12lb/9670
  • 15lb/7400
  • 20lb/5870
  • 25lb/4700
  • 30lb/3950
  • 40lb/3270
  • 50lb/2400
  • 60lb/1820
  • 80lb/1440
  • 100lb/1200
  • 135lb/820