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Halco Max Lures

Halco Max Lures
Halco Max LuresHalco Max LuresChrome PinkFluoro GreenFusilierKing BrownRed HeadYellowfin

CODE: 59679

Price: $13.99

  • Fusilier 
  • King Brown 
  • Red Head 
  • Black Back 

There are some great fishing lures coming out of Australia and these Halco Max 130 Lures are no exception. We just got these lures in and they are flying off the shelf. Please feel free to email me with your fishing stories, I would love to hear them

This cutting edge bibless minnow can do the lot, be it jigging casting or trolling. Max has a highly streamlined design that gives the 80 gram winner, unbeatable casting ability while allowing trolling speeds of up to 12 knots with minimal trolling resistance. The slender tail section is designed for maximum hook exposure on the strike. Max represents a very well made lure.