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Halco Giant Trembler G.T. Jig

Halco Giant Trembler G.T. Jig
Halco Giant Trembler G.T. JigChrome PinkBaitfishWhite Red HeadGolden GreenYellowfinBonito

CODE: 59593

Price: $22.99

The GT Jig is a heavier version of the Giant Trembler. The extra weight enables the lure not only to be trolled but to be jigged vertically near the bottom for demersal species or dropped to the bottom and retrieved back to the surface at speed to cover all levels of the water column that may be holding fish.

Troll the GT Jig at 4 to 10 knots with 6-8 knots the optimum speed or jig while drifting for best results.

Halco Tremblers are virtually indestructible bibless minnows that can be cast, jigged or trolled for outstanding results on a widevariety of sportfish. Advanced design features of the Tremblers include nose weighting producing an extremely lifelike swimming action. Tremblers have the loudest noise and strongest body vibrations of all Halco lures