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G Loomis STR1025S Rods

thumbnail_handle 102118851579746d74fd52721f.jpg

CODE: 04704

Price: $230.00

The G Loomis STR1025S is designed for winter steelhead, where you need a little more backbone due to the larger weights required to fish high water conditions, the G Loomis STR1025S has sufficient power to fish salmon, best suited for silvers and chums. Because it has the power to move big fish, it's a good choice for both boat and bank fishing.

Model Color Length Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Handle Item#  

GL3 Matte Black 8'6" 8 - 17 3/8 - 1 Fast Med-Heavy 102 10254-01  
GL2 Neptune 8'6" 8 - 17 3/8 - 1 Fast Med-Heavy 27 10957-01