G Loomis SR783 Rods

The G Loomis SR783 is designed to fish up to 10-pound test and lures of up to 3/8 ounce, this fast action rod excels in strong currents and deep-water situations. It may not have the powerful butt that you'll find in the Spin Jig series, but it's more than adequate for large trout. The G Loomis SR783 also makes a pretty good finesse rod for warmwater species when lighter line is required, and it has the chops to handle pickerel, small pike and shad.

Model Color Length Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Handle Item#  

GL3 Matte Black 6'6" 4 - 10 1/8 - 3/8 Fast Medium 21 10240-01
G Loomis