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G Loomis SJR720 Rods

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CODE: 04626

Price: $155.00

The G Loomis SJR720 incorporates an ultra-light tip and a strong butt section, making it a very good choice for spotted bass-especially where smaller lures and lighter line make a difference. Perfectly balanced for 1/8 ounce grubs and jigs with 6-pound line, the G Loomis SJR720 is better for swimming jigs than bouncing them on the bottom. The tip is soft enough to fish 4-pound line and really light baits, like tube jigs and crappie jigs, even when you downsize to 1/64 ounce. When those bass get tough and you can see the bottom in ten feet of water, this rod will save your bacon.

Model Color Length Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Handle Item#  

IMX   6' 4 - 8 1/32 - 1/4 Ex-Fast Mag-Light 21 10200-01  
GL2 Neptune 6' 4 - 8 1/32 - 1/4 Ex-Fast Mag-Light 26 10965-01