G Loomis CR721 Rods

The G Loomis CR721 is a fast-action rod with a light power rating designed to protect light lines, yet still have the power to move large fish. The softer tip increases casting accuracy, making it easy to snap-cast small to medium-sized baits at difficult targets like pocket water and boat docks. Great for fishing crystal-clear water that doesn't have a lot of heavy cover, where light line is an advantage. The length allows you flexibility for casting and depth control, while the light action is a perfect balance between flexibility and strength: soft enough to allow fish to inhale the lure, yet enough power to control the fish. Great for finesse fishing where presentation is key and lighter line is the rule.

Model Color Length Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Handle Item#  

IMX   6' 6 - 12 3/16 - 1/2 Fast Light 2 10009-01  
G Loomis