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G Loomis BSR803 Rods

CODE: 04576

Price: $240.00

When the fish get a little bigger and the cover gets thicker, you need more power. If you still prefer to stick with a spinning rod, the G Loomis BSR803 is the right choice. It will fish lighter jigs and worms effectively, but it also gives you the power to step up to heavier baits or stronger line for thicker cover or deeper water. It's finesse fishing with a bigger gun. It's advantage angler!

Model Color Length Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Handle Item#  

GLX   6'8" 8 - 14 1/8 - 5/16 Extra-Fast Medium-Heavy 156 11463-01  
MossyBack   6'8" 8 - 14 1/8 - 5/16 Extra-Fast Medium-Heavy 156 11598-01