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Forschner Knives

Forschner 47517Forschner 47630Forschner 40538

CODE: 22958

Price: $19.99

Forschner knives stand for quality and craftsmanship. The Forschner blades are high carbon stainless steel made at Victorinox in Switzerland. They are specially tempered which makes them hold their edge and makes them very easy to resharpen. The handles of the knives are ergonomically correct which makes them very comfortable and they are non slip as well. Forschner knives are FDA approved and dishwasher safe.



Blade and Handle



6" Boning Knife

Narrow Flexible Blade,  Black Fibrox Handle

  Small flexible blade for easy handling and fish filleting. 


6" Boning Knife

Curved Flexible Blade,  Black Fibrox Handle

  Curved blade sits nicely on the bones for an easy and precise cut.


10" Breaking knife

Curved Blade, Fibrox Handle

  A sturdy stiff knife good for breaking the fish down.


12" Climeter Knife

Curved Strong Blade, Black Fibrox Handle

 This monster is perfect for large fish with thick bones.