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Miscellaneous Tools and Sheaths

CODE: 35201

These are a great way to keep your fish alive in aerated water.
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CODE: 35181

5 1/2" or 7 1/2" These over-built forceps grip with ease and have a built-in scissors, perfect for cutting line and cleaning up stray...
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CODE: 35649

6" round coarse file restores large and badly damaged hooks while the flat fine side hones hooks and knives to the razor-sharp edge...
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CODE: 35187

Stainless steel; a built-in hook file ensures quick and accurate sets.
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CODE: 51904

The Rapala Lighted Line Counter measures each foot of line as it passes through, and features an automatic line release, tension knob and...
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CODE: 35617

Designed with special features that grip and hold braided line for easy, non-slip cutting.
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CODE: 35648

Heavy-duty side cutters designed for heavy wire leaders, hooks and more.
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CODE: 49649

The perfect size to keep handy, whether in a pocket, tackle box or your boat's dashboard storage.
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CODE: 35362

High-grade cascade steel and no-slip handle withstand the rigors of the saltwater environment. With a built-in scale, 20 lb. or 60 lb....
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CODE: 35429

The Rapala Magnum Lock 'n Weigh's 75-lb. capacity scale and rugged build are perfect for inshore and larger freshwater species. The wide...
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CODE: 35428

The Rapala Magnum XL Lock 'n Weigh has the same great features as the Rapala smaller Lock'n Weighs, but can gauge monsters up to 125 lbs....
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CODE: 35430

The design of the Rapala Lock'n Grip provides exceptional landings of toothy game while protecting fish and fisher alike.
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CODE: 35581

The Rapala Lock'n Grip with Digital Scale has a 25-lb capacity digital scale that makes catch and release a breeze. Larger weight display...
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CODE: 35269

Designed by fishermen for fishermen. Includes 6 1/2-inch fishing pliers, hook sharpener, jig buster and fishing clipper.
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Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Kit

CODE: 50937

Tool Holder, 7" Side Cutter, Super Line Scissors & Fishing Pliers.
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CODE: 51905

6" Dbl. Sided Hook Sharpener, Long Reach Hook Remover, Jaw Spreader and Rapala DVD.
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CODE: 07396

Model: A-TOOL This is the Sevenstrand Crimping Tool which makes crimping your wire leaders fast and easy.
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Rapala Aluminum Fishing Pliers

CODE: 56264

These are beautiful fishing pliers by Rapala. They are lightweight aluminum and really feel good to grasp. Rugged and super...
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Rapala AlumaPro Pliers

CODE: 57523

These are very nice aluminum pliers from Rapala. This is their top of the line Rapala AlumaPro Pliers. They fit your hand like a glove,...
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CODE: 33749

Fits 8" long nose pliers. Made with artificial leather.
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Longfin Specials!

Daiwa Saltiga Reels Daiwa Saltiga Reels on Sale!

$529.99   $423.99

P-Line Adaro Fishing Pliers P-Line Adaro Fishing Pliers


P-Line Adaro Jr. Pliers P-Line Adaro Jr. Pliers


Clearance Penn Line Counter Levelwind Reels Clearance Penn Line Counter Levelwind Reels

$139.99   $124.59