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CODE: 51907

The Rapala EZ Glide Fillet effortlessly fillets large species like salmon and trout via its scalloped and non-stick PTFE-treated coating...
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Rapala Deluxe Falcon Fillet Knife

CODE: 35175

Both Rapala Deluxe Falcon fillet knives, the 4-inch and 6-inch models, include a sharpener built into the multipurpose, hard-case sheath...
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CODE: 35272

The Rapala Finn Thinn fillet knife's 8-inch blade has an exaggerated curve, perfect for handling delicate gamefish like salmon. Includes...
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CODE: 35169

Each Rapala Fish 'n Fillet features a full-tang Swedish stainless steel blade with the classic Rapala reinforced birch varnished handle....
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CODE: 51906

The extra thin blade of the Rapala Fish 'n Fillet Superflex allows great flexibility and control. PTFE non-stick coating makes filleting...
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CODE: 35365

Available with either a Swedish stainless steel serrated, sawing blade or a curved, rocking blade. Has white, molded comfort-grip handle....
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Rapala Soft Grip Fillet

CODE: 35164

4", 6" or 7" Soft grip handle helps resist fatigue. Like all Rapala fillet knives, these feature a flexible blade with strong stainless...
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CODE: 22958

Forschner knives are perfect for filleting slippery fish as they are very sharp and ergonomically correct.
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