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Shimano Spinning Reels

Shimano spinning reels are smooth and fluid like and come in many different price ranges. These are some of the best freshwater and saltwater spinning reels on the market.

Shimano Solstace FI Reels

CODE: 12191

These Shimano Solstace Reels are an extremely good product made by Shimano at a very affordable price.
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Shimano Saros F Reels

CODE: 51676

The Shimano Saros reels have so many great features and they are smooth as silk to fish. If you are in the market for a nice spinning...
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Shimano Socorro Reels

CODE: 53690

These Shimano Socorro Reels are a mid priced but high performing spinning reel backed by Shimano's legendary customer service.
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Shimano Saragosa SW Reels

CODE: 61740

The Shimano Saragosa Reels are designed for saltwater fishing and built to handle the stresses that saltwater puts on your fishing reels.
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Shimano Sustain FG

CODE: 58062

These new Shimano Sustain FG spinning reels are amazing! They are smooth, light and feel fantastic in my hands. Refined to Specific...
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Shimano Sahara FE

CODE: 59736

These Shimano Sahara FE reels are unbelievably smooth and for such an affordable price, they really cant be beat! Did you know that...
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Shimano Stradic FJ

CODE: 57601

For a mid to high price range spinning reel, these Shimano Stradic FJ are awesome. It has Shimano leading technology and it feels smooth...
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Shimano Baitrunner OC

CODE: 61372

We have known for years how great the Shimano Baitrunner reels are and they just keep getting better. The baitrunner feature lets your...
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CODE: 12204

Quickfire spinning reels by Shimano.
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CODE: 12210

These Shimano Spheros is a saltwater spinning reel with a waterproof drag system.
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CODE: 12207

These are the new Shimano Baitrunner D Reels and they perform so well, especially when using live bait and a spinning reel.
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CODE: 12176

These are very inexpensive Shimano light spinning reels and they are surprisingly smooth for such a low cost fishing reel.
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CODE: 12172

Affordable freshwater spinning reels that perform surprisingly well.
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Shimano Stella SW Reels

CODE: 53605

These are top of the line spinning reels that perform so well just touching one makes you want to go fishing!
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CODE: 12160

These are the new Shimano Sienna FD reels and they are very inexpensive for how well they perform.
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CODE: 12157

These Shimano Sonora spinning reels are very smooth for such an affordable price, they are definitely worth looking at.
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CODE: 12148

These Shimano Sedona FD spinning reels are smooth and such a great value.
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CODE: 12144

These Shimano Sahara FD Reels are fantastic mid range spinning reels with so many features that you would think its a $500.00 fishing reel.
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CODE: 12179

Quick fire spinning reels that perform very well in the heat of battle as they enable you to cast using one hand.
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