Shimano Spinning Reels

Shimano spinning reels are smooth and fluid like and come in many different price ranges. These are some of the best freshwater and saltwater spinning reels on the market.

Affordable freshwater spinning reels that perform surprisingly well.


These are top of the line spinning reels that perform so well just touching one makes you want to go fishing!


These are the new Shimano Sienna FD reels and they are very inexpensive for how well they perform.

These Shimano Sonora spinning reels are very smooth for such an affordable price, they are definitely worth looking at.

These Shimano Sedona FD spinning reels are smooth and such a great value.

These Shimano Sahara FD Reels are fantastic mid range spinning reels with so many features that you would think its a $500.00 fishing reel.

Quick fire spinning reels that perform very well in the heat of battle as they enable you to cast using one hand.