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Shimano Conventional Reels

Shimano conventional reels can be found in every corner of the world as their popularity, functionality and reliability span the globe.

Shimano Talica Reels

CODE: 56013

The Shimano Talica is a smooth casting powerful reel perfectly suited for spectra braided lines.
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Shimano Talica II Reels

CODE: 56012

These Shimano Talica II Reels are two speed wonders. They are powerful and fish spectra beautifully.
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Shimano Trinidad A Reels

CODE: 57023

Winner of the 2010 ICAST Best Saltwater Reel! Trinidad is a name that resonates with all Saltwater Anglers. It has earned an...
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Shimano Tranx Reel

CODE: 58551

Shimano just keeps coming out with amazing fishing reels and this TranX is another example of how great a fishing reel company they are....
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CODE: 12236

Conventional saltwater level wind reels that are backed by Shimano's award winning customer service.
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Shimano TLD Star Reels

CODE: 12226

Conventional saltwater reel that performs extremely well for such an affordable fishing reel.
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CODE: 12225

These Shimano Speed Master fishing reels cast so well you would think they cost $300.00
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CODE: 12220

Conventional level wind reels from Shimano that make leadcore line very easy.
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CODE: 12217

The Shimano TLD Reels have a very powerful lever drag system that stops fish dead in their tracks.
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CODE: 12230

Conventional Saltwater Reels that perform extremely well in saltwater.
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CODE: 12222

Shimano Torium fishing reels are high performance like the Trinidads but at a fraction of the cost.
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CODE: 50626

These Shimano 2 speed reels are used world wide and trusted by fishermen everywhere.
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Shimano Tiagra Reels

CODE: 00077

These are exceptional 2 speed fishing reels that have stood the test of time and contine to perform well.
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Shimano Torsa Reels

CODE: 11998

Award-winning conventional saltwater reel.
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