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Shimano Baitcasting Reels

Shimano has baitcasting reels for every skill level and they range from very affordable to top of the line precision machines. Shimano baitcasting reels come in every price point but the one thing they all have in common is the quality control that goes into them.

These Shimano Calais DC Reels

CODE: 52145

The Shimano Calais Digital Control Reels have the best type of cast control available and it really helps with your casts.
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Shimano Calcutta TE Digital Control Reels

CODE: 00018

These are the Shimano Calcutta TE Digital Control Reels and the digital control changes everything.
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Shimano Core Reels

CODE: 54877

These are the Shimano Core reels and I was shocked when I picked it up, its that good!
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Shimano Corvalus Reels

CODE: 12108

The Shimano Corvalus Reels are a great value for the money. These are fantastic small round baitcasting reels for fresh or saltwater use.
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Shimano Cardiff A Reels

CODE: 12101

The Shimano Cardiff A Reels are lightweight round baitcasting reels are smooth and hardy to withstand fresh or saltwater fishing.
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Shimano Caenan Reels

CODE: 56149

These are the brand new Shimano Caenan Reels and they are great for 89 dollars!
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Shimano Calcutta D Reels

CODE: 95223

Shimano introduces the next generation in round reels, and a whole new design to the reel series that has become a classic with both...
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Shimano Tranx Reel

CODE: 58551

Shimano just keeps coming out with amazing fishing reels and this TranX is another example of how great a fishing reel company they are....
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Shimano Chronarch Reels

CODE: 58697

I have fished these Shimano Chronarch Reels and let me tell you, they are really nice. Smooth long casts and a sensitive retrieve, you...
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Shimano Curado G Reels

CODE: 57863

The very first bass baitcasting reel I ever owned was a Shimano Curado and I loved that reel so. For some reason it was just easy to...
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Shimano Curado E Reels

CODE: 53879

I will always be a believer in the Shimano Curado reels. It was the first bass baitcasting fishing reel I ever owned and I loved it. You...
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Shimano Citica Reels

CODE: 58609

The Shimano Citica Baitcasting reels are a super smooth great casting reel at an awesome price point. I sell a ton of these and I...
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Shimano Caius Reels

CODE: 57602

Are you looking for an affordable and fantastic Shimano Baitcasting reel? Honestly, The Shimano Caius Reels have what it takes to make...
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Shimano Antares Reels

CODE: 88665

I can get the ANT100 model right now. There is another right handed model which should be coming in November and both of the left...
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Shimano Metanium Baitcasting Reels

CODE: 62976

METANIUM These are very nice reels, they feel smooth, strong and have a good weight to them. For the avid fisherman and...
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CODE: 12127

These Crestfire reels by Shimano perform very well for their price, they will surprise you when you fish them.
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Shimano Calcutta B Reels

CODE: 00033

These Shimano Calcutta B Reels have been catching fish for many years now and the feedback on them is fantastic.
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