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Penn Conventional Reels

Penn conventional reels are well known for their ability to haul in huge fish and their track record speaks for itself.

CODE: 33646

Designed for light tackle fishing.
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Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2 Speed Reels

CODE: 10291

These are going to be available September 3rd, 2014 We just pre-booked these reels with our Penn rep and I have to tell you, these...
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  • FTH15LD2 
  • FTH25NLD2 (+$30.00)
  • FTH30LD2 (+$30.00)
  • FTH40NLD2 (+$50.00)
  • FTH60LD2 (+$50.00)

Penn U.S. Senator

CODE: 10279

These are the Penn 113 reels you have come to love, but these are made in the U.S.A. These are great looking reels too, better than the...
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  • US113N (Narrow) 
  • US113 (+$30.00)
  • US113W (Wide) (+$50.00)

CODE: 33662

With high speed retrieve and quick take apart frame.
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CODE: 33698

Very versatile and well respected reels.
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CODE: 33673

Combining the toughness of the legendary Penn Senator reel with higher gear ratios, these reels rock!
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CODE: 33666

Penn Graphite Series Performance Reels are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications.
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CODE: 33640

Performance and reliability you have come to trust.
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CODE: 33659

The International V reels offer the most advanced and reliable fish-fighting performance in the world, with an ergonomically designed,...
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