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Diawa Baitcasting Reels

Daiwa baitcasting reels speak for themselves as the Team Daiwa pro's live and die by them.

Daiwa TD Zillion 4.9 High Power Reels

CODE: 53625

Specially designed for crankbait fishing applications, these reels offer a slower, high-torque gear ratio of 4.9:1. For the powerful...
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CODE: 6222

Line burning SHA models pull in 31.6 inches of line with every crank of the handle, yet with winding power to spare. Amazing performance...
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Daiwa TD Zillion Coastal 7.3 Reels

CODE: 57913

TD Zillion Coastal 7.3 With the fastest gear ratio available in a compact saltwater reel of this kind, you’ll spend...
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Daiwa TD Zillion Type R Reels

CODE: 57916

TD Zillion Type R Pulling in 32" of line with every crank of the handle, the Zillion Type R is among the fastest...
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Daiwa Aggrest 7.3 Hyper Speed Reels

CODE: 57917

Aggrest 7.3 Hyper Speed Lightweight for quick reaction—rapid fire casting, they are ultimately the fastest of their...
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Daiwa Exceler Baitcasting Reels

CODE: 51033

Daiwa Exceler Reels These are no ordinary reels. Like the name infers, these baitcasters excel. They go far beyond the...
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Daiwa Laguna Reels

CODE: 57926

Daiwa Laguna Baitcasters Hand fitting comfort and performance are combined in this easily affordable reel. This baitcasting...
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Daiwa Millionaire Classic Baitcasting Reels

CODE: 43189

Millionaire Classic Series These Millionaires boast a classic look and shape, quality construction and a wealth of...
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Daiwa Z Series Baitcasting Reels

CODE: 57900

Daiwa Z Series Baitcasters Built for large fish, these low-profile, fresh and saltwater reels offer a broad range of...
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Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reels

CODE: 93215

The long awaited brand new Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reels are in! We have both the Daiwa Tatula 100 and Tatula T Reels available....
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Daiwa Steez Reels

CODE: 06358

These Daiwa Steez EX Reels are incredibly light and easy to handle. If you are as passionate about baitcasting reel fishing as I am then...
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Daiwa Tanacom Bull TB500

CODE: 85221

This beast is a true beauty and you know who you are if you fish one of these reels. Tanacom Bull TB500 Compact Power...
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Daiwa Lexa Reels

CODE: 27834

** Update -  We just recieved the all new LEXA 400 HS-P which is the right handed High Speed with Power Handle. You know,...
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Daiwa Coastal Inshore Reels

CODE: 01236

Coastal Inshore Compact, yet with big-reel line capacity and durability, the CL153H is built specifically for the needs of...
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Daiwa Megaforce THS Reels

CODE: 51034

This low profile baitcasting reel has a twitchin' bar and is very affordable.
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Daiwa Millionaire-S Baitcasting Reels

CODE: 01255

Classic baitcasting reels offering performance and reliability.
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Daiwa TD Luna Baitcasting Reels

CODE: 01251

Solid and finely tuned baitcasting reels.
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CODE: 43124

The X HA are high powered reels and the X SHA reels are ultra high speed.
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