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Avet reels are corrosion resistant and excellent casting and the drag systems are smooth and powerful. Avet conventional reels are made from aircraft aluminum and are so smooth out of the box you will proud to own them. Avet reels are becoming so popular they are coming in different colors and we will continue to get as many new Avet reels as possible.

New Avet SXJ 5.3

CODE: 60306

Avet Reels have been setting new standards in reel design and performance since their inception nearly a decade ago and the Avet SXJ...
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  • SXJ 5.3 

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Avet SX Series Reels

CODE: 85000

Its time to revamp the Avet Reels because they keep coming out with such amazing new tackle. Too see the Avet SX Series chart and other...
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  • Dont Want Single Speed 
  • SXJ 5.3 (Narrow) 
  • SXJ 5.3 M.C. (Narrow) (+$40.00)
  • SX 5.3 (+$10.00)
  • SX 5.3 M.C. (+$50.00)
  • Dont Want 2 Speed 
  • SXJ 6/4 (Narrow) (+$70.00)
  • SXJ 6/4 M.C. (Narrow) (+$110.00)
  • SXJ 6/4 M.C. Raptor (Narrow) (+$196.00)
  • SX 6/4 (+$80.00)
  • SX 6/4 M.C. (+$120.00)
  • SX 6/4 M.C. Raptor (+$206.00)
  • Silver 
  • Blue 
  • Black 
  • Gold 
  • Purple 
  • Green