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Books, Magazines and Calendars

2015 Sport Fishing Calendar

CODE: 51915

Informative and well illustrated calendar that will keep all your fishing trips straight.
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CODE: 43941

These Waterproof Book of Knots come in two types, basic and sportfishing knots and they are very helpful and easy to use.
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At The Rail
At The Rail - Long Range Fishing is an amazing book for long range anglers.
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The Bight

CODE: 62516

This is a brilliant idea, to have a saltwater anglers journal. They did a really great job with the story telling, pictures and...
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Geoff Wilsons Complete Book of Fishing Knots & Rigs

CODE: 62517

This is a full size book, not the pocket type that he also makes. Its really packed with knots and rigs and they are easy to understand,...
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