Eagle Claw Floating Fish Basket

Eagle Claw Floating Fish Basket


These Eagle Claw Floating Fish Baskets are a great way to keep your catch alive. You tie a rope onto the top of the wire fish basket and leave it floating ontop of the water. You put your fish in it and it and your catch can still breathe. Its great if you want to catch and release as its much better than putting them on a stringer.

Eagle claw makes great products and they did a good job on this floating fish basket. Its reminds of a live well for shore fishermen. Yes you can use this from a boat as well, its really easy to set up and use. You wont need any of your own floats to keep the fish basket on top of the water, just some rope.

The Eagle Claw Floating Fish Basket comes in three sizes;

  • Medium 13X18
  • Large 14X25
  • Jumbo 19X30

Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Basket part number

11052-001, 11050-001, 11050-001

Eagle Claw