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Daiwa SS Tournament Reels

CODE: 01276

Price: $94.99

From mountain streams to Bonefish flats in the keys, few reels have earned such a solid reputation for performance and reliability as Daiwa’s Tournament SS Series. Winner of two BassMasters® Classics and “reel of choice” for light saltwater record seekers around the world, these reels have proven themselves against the world’s top gamefish.
SS Tournament® Features:

Lifetime® Bail Spring. Precision worm gear levelwind evenly cross wraps line on spool. Ultra-reliable roller bail trip mechanism. Cut-proof SiC (Silicon Carbide) line roller. Long Cast machined aluminum spool. 3 stainless steel ball bearings. Super-smooth drag, with oversized felt and stainless discs and precision click adjustment. One Touch® folding handle.

  • Model SS700, Action UL, 3 BB, Gear Ratio 4.9 : 1, 4lb/145yds, 6lb/110yds, 8lb/75yds
  • Model  SS1300, Action L/UL, 3 BB, Gear Ratio  5.1 : 1, 6lb/240yds, 8lb/165yds, 10lb/115yds
  • Model  SS1600, Action M/L, 3 BB, Gear Ratio  4.9 : 1, 10lb/210yds, 12lb/165yds, 14lb/135yds
  • Model  SS2600, Action MH/L, 3 BB, Gear Ratio  4.6 : 1, 10lb/270yds, 12lb/210yds, 14lb/170yds