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Boomerang Snip Cutter

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The SNIP from Boomerang Tool is available in 3 models, the Original Snip, the Salty Dog Big Snip and the Long Snip.  Snips cut through Mono, Braided Lines and Fluorocarbon with ease, providing a clean, snagless cut.  

All Snip models have a convenient split ring attachment point and heavy duty retractor so you can easily attach to your clothing or place on your console so you will always know where your cutters are.  

Cutter blades are constructed of 420 Stainless Steel, and the body is cast from a durable, corrosion resistant polymer.

The Original Snip BTC203- perfect for cutting braid, mono and fluorocarbon up to 100# test

The Saltwater Fishing Big Snip BTC205- cuts braid, mono and fluorocarbon up to 500# test

The Long Snip BTC243- same as the Original Snip, but with longer blades for a closer cut, great for fly fishing.

Description Price Quantity
Boomerang Tool Original SNIP $13.99
Boomerang Tool Saltwater Big SNIP $24.99
Boomerang Tool Long SNIP $16.49
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