We are Building a Shimano Showroom at The Longfin!

April 19, 2011 – 7:41 pm

We broke ground for our new Shimano Showroom this week at The Longfin. My dad is leading the construction and he is an amazing carpenter, very impressive. Paul, a beloved customer has jumped in every day and is helping with the construction, he too is extremely skilled at carpentry. Last but not least Greg a long time friend and electrician is a huge help and has vast knowledge of this type of work.

Shimano will have their very own side room to display almost allĀ of their fishing products and I cant wait! The area will be completely dedicated to Shimano and they have really stepped up and put their pocket books on the table. We will be the only fishing tackle retailer in Southern California who has the honor of hosting a Shimano Showroom inside their retail tackle shop.

I will keep you updated as the construction progresses and post clips of video and the days march on. Here is a video of the guys working hard!

Constructing a Shimano Showroom at The Longfin!

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