Used Fishing Reels at The Longfin

January 19, 2009 – 1:08 pm

We get a ton of fishing reels on trade in at our retail store The Longfin in Orange, Ca. I am beginning to put these online and see how they do. I love the idea of selling used and pre-owned fishing gear as most of it is in very good condition the fishermen just wanted to upgrade to a new fishing reel or put it towards some other fishing tackle. There is the question of liability when it comes to selling used fishing reels online. I dont want to say hard and fast that they are “as is”  because I want to take great care of our customers and I do perform a basic check on the reels before I post them online at but it is not a detailed clean and lube, I am just checking basic functionality. I am going to continue posting them and see how it goes, if you have a reel you want to trade in you will need to call the store 714-538-8010 and speak with Eric the manager and he of course would need to see the used fishing reel to quote you on store credit. You can see the used fishing reels we have here: The Longfin Used Fishing Reels.

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