Triple Trout Swimbaits Now at The Longfin!

May 27, 2011 – 6:28 pm

We now stock Triple Trout Swimbaits, and they are awesome! The creator of these amazing swimbaits hand crafts each one of these, then hand paints them. They are truly a rare and great bait, he can only make so many at a time. Eric was excited when we were able to bring Triple Trouts to The Longfin and now I can see why, they are very nice baits indeed.

The swimming action they have when they glide through the water is very lifelike and similar to a live trout. They move gracefully and naturally, its no wonder they get bit so hard. The colors schemes that he makes them in are always evolving and custom colors come out often. Colors that he makes in limited supply, that are in our shop right now.

Triple Trout is going to be successful because largemouth bass cannot keep them out of their mouths. Stripers find them irresistible as well. The success fishing stories associated with these Triple Trout baits keep pouring in the door. We of course field test them ourselves and quite honestly, they are in all of our tackle boxes. Get some of these amazing Triple Trout baits while you can, you wont regret it!

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