Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count May 15th, 2011

June 13, 2011 – 8:26 am

This report was written by Jerry LeCompte, chartermaster and darn good angler!

Our Tony Reyes adventure started with some confusion at the Mexican Border when we tried to get the 7-Day Free San Felipe Visa.  First, the office designated for this function had been changed.  Second, the officer taking care of Visas told us there was no such thing as a FREE Visa, to San Felipe or anywhere else.  After some polite discussion and gentle pressure, we were issued a free 7-Day Free Visa.  All I can say is be polite but firm in asking for this free visa.  It might just work.

The trip was uneventful after that with the usual crush of traffic in Mexicali and about 20 Kilometers of construction detours starting about KM 53 on the drive down.  We were lucky because the roads were still damp from watering but not muddy.  Take it slow and you will get through with no problem.

Overall, our trip was windy and cool to cold.  The weather was cool and the water was cold.  Fishing was slow with no bait available at any location.  On Friday AM we were able to catch some squid on the Golden Reef from the pangas, so some people had bait for that morning.  One group of guys brought frozen squid with them and had more luck at bait fishing than the rest of the charter.

We caught Yellowtail casting into the boils and on the troll, especially outside Refugio Bay.  Largest was 30 pounds; most were 10-20 pound range.

Cabrilla were had to find with no bait.  Some were taken on jibs but most by trolling   Largest was 18 pounds taken on Mirrorlure; Pink, Red/White and Firetiger worked best.  Two small groupers were also caught on the troll.

The crew did a great job taking care of our needs; guiding, cleaning fish, cooking and clearing the decks every day.  You won’t find a better crew anywhere.

The daily fish pools winners were:  Glenn Woods (M), Bobby Howell (T & W), Garry Jasper (Th) and Jack Alleweart (F).  Good job done by all of them.

Already looking forward to next year.

            Respectfully submitted – Jerry LeCompte




Fish Count Weight LB.
Cabrilla 92 To 18lbs
Miscellaneous 100 C&Released
Giant Squid 24 Big Ones!
Yellowtail 188 To 30lbs
Sheephead 2 To 8lbs
Spotted Bass 529 To 6lbs
Grouper 2 To 32lbs
Broomtail 1 14lbs
Pargos 1 10lbs
White Fish 13 To 5lbs

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