Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count May 22nd, 2011

June 7, 2011 – 12:49 pm

May 22nd saw the start of the fourth Tony Reyes fishing trip out of San Felipe. The skies were filled with sunshine and just a bit of wind as the boat left the dock. I love the feeling of leaving the dock, being underway comes with a sense of peace.

The first stop was Diablo on the eastern side of La Guarda. The weather was beautiful with air temperatures in the 70’s all week long. Water temperatures were still a bit cool and the wind was nice and calm.  The second stop was La Raza and it produced great fishing. We caught nice sized yellowtail up to 31 pounds and the boils were plentiful! Its so much fun chasing boils, casting into them and catching big yellowtail as a result. Beautiful 17 pound cabrilla were caught in boils and inside the rocky shoreline. Its amazing how a fish of that size can bend your fishing rod all the way into the water. Cabrilla are one of the most impressive fish in The Sea of Cortez in my opinion.

Heading further north the fishing was a tad bit slower in Refugio Bay, but the weather continued to be fantastic. Yellowtail were still being caught in the medium to small category. However, the reef to the east of the bay produced a wide open bit of spotted bass, so much fun!

The last two days at Gonzaga Bay and two trips out to The Golden Reef saw little action. Sometimes on this reef the fishing is epic and you are so tired from hauling monsters in that you hope you dont get bit again.

Tony Jr, the guides and crew once again provided excellent service in all respects. This was another memorable fishing trip on The Sea of Cortez. Only 358 more days until our next trip and we are very much looking forward to it! Thanks also to The Longfin and chartermasters Roger Rohm and Mitch Forward for another amazing trip on The Tony Reyes.

Fish Count Weight LB.
Cabrilla 135 To 17lbs
Miscellaneous 85 C&Released
Yellowtail 141 To 31lbs
Sheephead 10 4lbs
Spotted Bass Limits To 6lbs
White Sea Bass 5 To 24lbs
Pargos 1 4lbs
Sierra Mackeral 10 5lbs
White Fish 32 3lbs

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