Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for October 7th-12th, 2012

October 31, 2012 – 4:55 pm

Straight off the press in its beautiful Spanglish form :)

We take 27 anglers into the midriff Islands to fish, We started on Partida Island then moved to Rasa Island, then went to San Francisquito area to catch live bait, next morning with some live bait went to San Lorenzo reef were we caught Yellowtails and Spotted Bass, in the afternoon went to San Esteban Island some Cabrillas were caught here on Jigs and trolling, come back to make live bait at the coast, this time we had  both tanks full and come back to San Lorenzo area, were we had wide open bite on Yellowtails up to 20-lbs, most were caught on live bait, and some on cut bait, this day we make the trip, then moved to Rasa Island were we caught more Yellowtails, Pargos, and Cabrillas, Wednesday night the wind blew, went to Refugio Island, Last day we were at Enchanted Island we cud not fish very well in this area, it seem like were lots a nice Sierras, come back to San Felipe and ended up another successful trip.


 Limits                                Yellowtails                                   Up to 27-lbs.
215                                     Cabrillas                                     Up to 22-bs.
409                                     Spotted Bass                              Up to 4-bs.
22                                       Pargos                                       Up to 14-lbs.
29                                       Sheep Head                               Up to 12-bs.
62                                       White Fish                                 Up to 6-bs.
2                                         Broom tail                                  Up to 20-bs.
6                                         Dorados                                     Up to 20-lbs.
1                                         Grouper                                      Up to 45-lbs.
35                                       Sierras                                       Up to 10-lbs.

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