Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for October 6th-11, 2013

October 21, 2013 – 1:16 pm

I am so glad dorado are beginning to show up, this sounded like a really fun trip!

They started fishing at Partida Island and moved to Rasa area, first day fishing was with cut bait and squid, catching mainly bottom fish like Spotted Bass, white fish, sheep head, and some Yellowtails, next morning they were fishing at San Lorenzo Island with live bait, Yellowtails were bigger at this area some up to 32-lbs, next morning fishing at same area but west wind make hard to stay at the bottom. plenty medium Yellowtails were caught at this place, Refugio island provided with good size Cabrillas mostly were caugth casting small jigs like, DX jr. and small tady lures, weather start to cool off, we had more west winds during the nigths in this part of the year, Enchanted Islands had good size Sierras and some pargos, no groupers were caugth at this trip.

120     Big Yellowtails up to 32-lbs

187     Medium size Yellowtails up to 10-lbs

325     Spotted Bass up to 2-6 lbs.

18       Dorados up to 20-lbs.

16       Sheep head up to 10-lbs,

112     Cabrillas  up to 16-lbs.

8        Broom tail Cabrillas  up to 18-lbs.

54      Sierras up to 14-lbs.

Lots A miscelanius Catch/Released

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