Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for May 27th, 2012

June 6, 2012 – 11:42 am

Hot off the press guys!

Fishing with Tony Reyes!           5/27-6/2 2012
Fishing with Tony Reyes is simple the best! Tony’s trips are a great adventure, the best in fishing, and a great value.
   We had a week of cool weather and virtually no wind! Each of these trips is composed of a core group that knows each other a bunch or soon to be friends. We fished and explored the Sea of Cortez together. We saw many Osprey, thousands of Terns and Gulls and Sea Turtles were commonly seen. Fin whales, Killer whales
Pilot Whales and Dolphins were almost constantly in view. These trips are great “ECOTOURS”.
          Yellowtail to 33-lbs. were caught, many of the Cabrillas taken weighed 20-lbs or more. Even an early Dorado pounded on a trolled plug! This is a good Dorado season sign. We are all come home with a ice chest filled with frozen vacuum packed filets, all part of the trip. If you want an adventure of a lifetime, have one of these trips.
Doug Hogan  ” El Profesor”
273                Yellowtail                      Up to 30-lbs
431                Cabrillas                       Up to 20-lbs
4                   Pargos                          Up to 12-lbs
306                Spotted Bass                Up to 4-lbs
1                   Dorado                          Up to 15-lbs
1                    White Sea Bass            Up to 15-lbs
2                   Grouper                         Up to 25-lbs
3                   Sheep Head                   Up to 8-lbs.
33                 White Fish                      Up to 5-lbs
Lots              Miscelanius                    Released

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