Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for June 17th-22nd, 2012

June 26, 2012 – 2:07 pm

This is the report straight from Tony;

Hi Tom, We just back from another fishing trip, This time we take 26 Anglers to fish into the Sea of Cortez, fishing was good, lots a Yellowtails on San Francisquito area, We stay couple days fishing San Francisquito area because the fishing was so good, we caught plenty live bait, big White Sea Bass up to 60-lbs were caught at this area also lots a big Yellowtails up to 32-lbs were biting the live bait, this week we had strong currents, so fishing in 250-ft of water was not to easy, one big Stripe/ Marlin (190-lbs) was caught here also, Tom Watson from Temecula CA. Caugth the biggest White Sea Bass 60-lbs. Lots a big Cabrillas were caught along the Islands In Refugio Island plenty a medium Yellowtails and  Cabrillas Trolling were caught there, last day on the Enchanted Island produced two Medium Groupers up to 40-lbs and some Cabrillas, Weather it is getting warmer and humid, recommend to bring more DX Lures Green/Yellow, Mirror-Lures, Pink, Orange, Blue etc. Plenty 16-Oz. Sinkers, Hooks for bait 7/0 8/0 etc.

358       Mixed Yellowtails                    Up to 35-lbs
476       Mixed Cabrillas                       Up to 22-lbs
8          Pargos                                   Up to 15-lbs
45        Spotted Bass                          Up to 3-lbs
10        White Sea Bass                      From 40-lbs to 60-lbs
2          Groupers                                Up to 40-lbs
3          Sheep Head                            Up to 16-lbs
3          Golden Cabrilla                        Up to 18-lbs Released
1          Stripe/Marlin                            190-lbs
Lots a Miscellaneous                              Released
Lots a live Bait at San Francisquito.
Over all was a good trip with a little breeze from the south/east.
In this trip we had some free divers who enjoyed the nice water temperatures, they saw, lots a life in the water like Whale Shark, Turtles, Rooster Fish, Lots a Cabrillas and Groupers,
Tony Reyes M.

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