Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for July 3rd-8th, 2011

July 18, 2011 – 2:02 pm

Another fantastic and successful trip aboard The Tony Reyes, July numbers look really good. The first stop of the trip was to The Enchanted Islands to help in the rescue of the passengers of The Erik. Thank you Tony Reyes and crew for doing such and awesome job helping with the rescue.

Big yellowtail were caught at Snake Island using live bait. The dropped down a 170 foot reef and the pickings were very good. Fishing deep reefs are so much fun, a long reel up, but fun nonetheless.  They continued onto Refugio where fly lining live bait caught a bunch of cabrilla. Spotted bass were plentiful and wrestled up at Pulpito on cut bait. You never know what are going to pull up fishing the bottom of The Sea of Cortez, thats what makes it so much fun!

The weather is getting warmer and bit more humid and its making the fish bite like mad.

Fish Count Weight LB.
Cabrilla 122 To 15lbs
Miscellaneous A Lot! C&Released
Yellowtail 414 To 40lbs
Sheephead 7 To 5lbs
Spotted Bass 559 To 5lbs
Corvina 178 To 5lbs
Amber Jack 2 To 18lbs
Pargos 5 To 12lbs
White Fish 37 To 3lbs

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