Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for July 29 – Aug 3rd

August 7, 2012 – 2:03 pm

We just returned from another fishing trip, We took 24 Anglers into the Sea of Cortez, we had a great weather, went to San Francisquito to make bait, we did good the first night the second night we could not make bait because the full moon phase, San Lorenzo reef was wide open bait in Yellowtails up to 25-lbs, the big grouper was caught at Snake Island, and weight 66-lbs, lots a Spotted Bass were caugth at the east side of La Guardia Island on cut bait,  Enchanted Islands are slow some Nice pargos thats all, Dorados just start to show up, we still using the dropper loop style, jigs, and Mirror-lures, some feathers for troll.

356                Yellowtails                    up to 28-lbs
175                Cabrillas                       up to 20-lbs
12                  Pargos                         up to 25-lbs
425                Spotted Bass                up to 4-lbs
12                  Dorados                       up to 20-lbs
1                    Black Sea Bass                    40-lbs
2                    Groupers                      up to 66-lbs
15                  Sheep head                  up to 12-lbs
25                  White Fish                    up to 3-lbs
1                    Rooster Fish                         18-lbs
Lots               Miscellaneous                   Catch/Released

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