Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for August 28th – September 2nd, 2011

September 5, 2011 – 12:13 pm

It was a great trip fishing the Midriff Islands, they were teeming with life. La Guardia, Snake Island, San Lorenzo Island, San Francisquito, Refugio Island and The Enchanted Islands were very productive and fun!

The weather was warm and humid but calm and easy to fish. Beautiful Sea of Cortez weather makes the trip so much more fulfilling.

Most of the yellowtail were caught on live bait, dont you just love fishing live bait? Nothing more thrilling than throwing your bait into a boil and immediately getting hooked up on a 25 pound plus yellowtail. We did very well catching cabrilla trolling Mirrolures and feathers. There is something amazing about trolling for cabrilla. You are trolling along and BAM your rod bends into the water and you think you have a gigantic fish hooked up, but its a cabrilla. I have no idea where those fish get their fight, but its very impressive. We even caught some nice dorado trolling feathers, make sure you have some with you.

William Equitz and Bob Campbell from Bellflower caught a nice 90 pound grouper with their guide Beto, well done guys!

Fish Count Weight LB.
Cabrilla 106 To 12lbs
Miscellaneous A Lot! C&Released
Broomtail 1 15lbs
Yellowtail 360 To 27lbs
Sheephead 6 To 4lbs
Spotted Bass Limits To 4lbs
Grouper 2 To 90lbs
White Fish 114 To 4lbs
Pargos 9 To 12lbs
Amber Jack 2 To 10lbs
Trigger Fish 173 To 4lbs
Dorado 55 To 18lbs

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