Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for August 19th-24th, 2011

September 5, 2012 – 5:07 pm
 We just returned from another fishing trip into the Sea of Cortes, we started at Partida Island, some Yellowtails, some Cabrillas caught on Jigs and Mirror-lures
then moved to Salsipuedes Island some cabrillas to 12-lbs range, then moved to San Francisquito to catch live bait, fill  up the live tanks, and back to San Lorenso Island this morning the anglers caught around 145 Yellowtails up to 28-lbs all on live bait on dropper loop style, Some Dorados trolling were caught here also, the bite for Yellowtails has been real good in this area, then moved to San Francisquito for the afternoon bite, some Dorados, Sheephead on cut bait, more Spotted bass, Catch live bait and return to San Lorenzo Island next morning, good weather warm and overcast, another great day for Yellowtails, went to Refugio catch good spotted bass, some Dorado, some Cabrillas, two Groupers broke the lines here, Last day in the Enchanted Islands was slow, with some Curvinas, Some Good size Sand sharks,
Tony Reyes M.
229                   Yellowtails                                     Up to 28-lbs
176                   Cabrillas                                        Up to 17-lbs
467                   Spotted Bass                                 Up to 6-lbs
24                     Dorados                                         Up to 24-lbs
3                       Sheephead                                    Up to 12-lbs
1                       Sail Fish                                       Released
!                        Cow Fish                                       45-lbs
35                     White Fish
2                       Golden Cabrilla Released
25                     Pargos                                           Up to 12-lbs
Lots                   Miscelanius                                   Released
Charter Master: George Galvan

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