Tony Reyes Trip Report and Fish Count for August 12th-17th, 2011

September 5, 2012 – 5:13 pm
Here is the report straight out of Mexico :)
We just returned from another fishing trip from the Sea of Cortes, we fished Partida Island and Rasa Island produced, Cabrillas, and Medium size Yellowtails, then we moved south to catch live bait, we had to stay near San Francisquito because the big swells and wind, fishing was good at the ligth house point in San Francisquito, lots a big Yellowtails, on 200-ft reef, in the afternoon fish they trolled for Dorados and some Cabrillas, Dorados start to show up but in small numbers, Tuesday night we had a Big Chubasco in this area, with lots of ligthining, strong winds, and rain everthing come ok, and safe, next morning with bad weather, they did good again catching more Big Yellowtails, so they were happy, but we cud not go anywhere, we had to stay one more day in this cove, more clouds, and big swells from the south, we had to fish carefully in this area again, we had to stay until Thursday in this area, later calm down little bit and we moved to Partida Island, we fished the afternoon, little bit of everthing, like Dorados Medium Yellowtails some Cabrillas, some broken lines on Grouper fishing, and lots of memories to tell, see you next trip.
287                Yellowtails           up to 28-lbs
95                   Cabrillas              up to 12-lbs
15                   Sheep heads       up to 17-lbs’
248                 Spotted Bass       up to 3-lbs.
23                   Dorados              up to 16-lbs.
1                     Black sea bass    Small/ Released
2                     Groupers              up to 40-lbs.
Lots of             Misc.                Released

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