Tony Reyes Report June 1st-6th

June 12, 2008 – 10:21 am

 We have been doing an annual trip on the “Capitan Viegas” now the “Toney Reyes” for many years now.  Every since Tony Reyes Sr. and his son Tony and other backers at “The Long Fin” took over, things have changed.  Every year our group looks forward to the new improvements. .  This year we were not disappointed.  The many bathrooms and showers on board were equipped with all new components.  There was new carpet every where. The steps on the latter to the upper deck were covered with a non slip foam covering. The upper deck is now sporting a new hard cover. The new and improved muffler and exhaust pipe were raised to a higher level.  Many fishermen used this improved upper deck for telling each other fantastic fishing stories.  It seems the excellent cook we are so use to just got his son home from cooking school.  His positive influence on the menu tends to want us to give it a multi star rating like the famous restaurants.

Some of the important improvements in the past few years are still attracting more fishermen.  The “Tony Reyes” has modern quiet air conditioning through out the ship.  There is a fresh water maker on board.  The filleted fish are cleaned in fresh water and vacuum packed with a commercial processor.  There were two doors cut amid ship to facilitate boarding and de boarding the pangas safely and quickly.  The ship crew uses fresh water to wash our rods and reels at the end of the trip.

The weather for the June 01, 2008 trip started out with flat seas as we left the harbor.  Soon the slight breeze diminished and the sea became a mirror to reflect the fluffy clouds above.  The water temperature was about 79 degrees .The whole trip was like this except Wednesday afternoon when we got some 35 knot winds for about three hours.  The panga tied to the center of the stern came loose with a really big BANG.  We watched the crew chase it down and reattach it to the stern. It was quickly obvious that they had the situation under control.  This is the same crew we look forward to every year to renew our mutual friendship.

The fish count this year was very acceptable for the start of the season.  Yellow Tail Alley (Bay of L. A.) lived up to its reputation.  The boat landed its limit of yellow tail. They weighed from 20 to 44 lbs.   I know because I won the Tuesday jackpot with the 44 pound yellow tail. We also landed a few groupers.  They weighed from 45 to 105 lbs. The cabrillas this year (about 155 of them) seemed extra large this year.  Three large golden cabrillas were released back into the wild. They were so beautiful.

The trip this year was so first class that I don’t know what they could do to improve it next year.

Jeff Bowman      Fullerton, CA.     June 8, 2008  

jeff-and-tony-yellowtail.jpgThe Tony Reyes

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  2. Jeff it looks like you guy’s had a good time, our group will be going down the 1st. of Sept. on the Jose Andres.
    Maybe you could give us some advise on what to expect,and what we should take as for as gear.

    Thanks Carl.

    By carl kimberlin on Jul 11, 2008

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